At a mystery conference, a panel of cozy mystery writers turned the tables on the readers in the audience. The writers had already answered a variety of questions, now it was their turn. What, they asked their readers, do you like most about the cozy mysteries you read?

Surprisingly, the answer wasn’t the sleuth’s clever methods for catching the perp. Or the fact that cozies are by and large gentle mysteries that aren't graphic or gross. It wasn’t even the twists and turns of a well-devised plot that attracted these readers’ attention.

It was character.

Readers love to immerse themselves in the worlds created within cozy mysteries. They want to get to know not only the main character (who is usually also the amateur detective), but that person's friends and family, too. They want to follow along not only as the detective solves the crime, but as she (it’s usually a “she” in a cozy!) juggles the demands of family and job, steps through the minefield of relationships, and copes with everything from pets to hobbies to home maintenance. Oh yes, and manages to solve murders, too!

Humor? You’ll find a dash of it in all Kylie Logan’s mysteries.

Romance? Oh yeah, that’s there, too.

So are the multi-layered plots, the clues and of course, the red herrings.

But most importantly, you’ll also find people. Whether it’s down-to-earth Josie Giancola, one of the country’s leading experts on antique and vintage buttons in the Button Box mysteries, former Manhattanite Bea Cartwright who escaped the craziness of the city and is now running a B&B on South Bass Island in Lake Erie in the League of Literary Ladies mysteries, or free spirit Maxie Pierce, the sassy, fast-talking Chili Chick who travels the cook-off circuit in the Chili Cook-off mysteries, readers can dive right in and join three unique and clever women as they navigate life, deal with romance and handle every mystery that comes their way.