Button Box Mysteries

Welcome to the Button Box, Chicago’s premier shop for antique, vintage, and collectible buttons. Got questions or need advice? Owner Josie Giancola is one of the country’s leading experts. She’ll help you find just the right buttons for your collection, your scrapbooking or your craft projects. And if murder rears its ugly head? Turns out Josie is a darned good detective, too!

Whether it's button history, button lore, or button legend, Josie knows her stuff. Along with a supporting cast of characters that includes Chicago Detective Nevin Riley, retired cop Stan Marzcak and Josie’s no-good, lying ex Kaz, she’ll get to the bottom of every mystery.

“…an engaging amateur-sleuth mystery series…”
 The Mystery Gazette

“That’s right, buttons. Who would have thought?
CA Reviews