League of Literary Ladies Mysteries

Welcome to South Bass Island, three miles north of the Ohio mainland in Lake Erie, a vacationer's paradise and the perfect place for Bea Cartwright to escape her chaotic New York life and find her bliss. The proprietor of the island's newest inn, Bea & Bees, is more than willing to blend in with the laid back, easy-going island folks—that is, if her annoying neighbors would just leave her alone. Neighborhood squabbles, court appearances, and a cat named Jerry Garcia result in the feuding neighbors being sentenced by the court to become a book discussion group, and each classic book they read leads to murder.

Chili Cook-Off Mysteries

Maxie Pierce has seen it all, done it all, and is pretty much sick of it all, too. After her hotter than a habanero boyfriend ruins her credit and cleans out her bank account, she's all too eager to get out of Chicago. Too bad it doesn't happen under better circumstances. Maxie's father is missing and Maxie and her half-sister, Sylvia, have been summoned to take over Texas Jack Pierce's Hot-Cha Chili Seasoning Palace as it travels the chili cook-off circuit.

Maxie sees this as the perfect opportunity to search for clues as to what happened to Jack, even if it means donning the Chili Chick costume every day and dancing in front of the Palace to attract customers. And Sylvia? What her self-centered, too-annoying-for-words half-sister is doing there, Maxie can't imagine, but if they can ever stop their squabbling, she intends to find out.

Ethnic Eats Mysteries

Laurel Inwood has the gig most other chefs can only dream of . . . she’s personal chef to a Hollywood mega-star. But when the star gets some unwanted publicity, she blames Laurel Fired and blackballed by her A-list contacts, Laurel’s at loose ends. That is, until she gets a call from Sophie Charnowski in Hubbard, Ohio. Sophie is the sister of the woman who was once Laurel’s foster mother, and she’s having surgery. She needs Laurel’s help running her restaurant. Laurel arrives expecting the elegant restaurant she’s seen in photos Sophie has shown her. Instead, she finds herself at Sophie’s Terminal at the Tracks, a meat-and-potatoes joint housed in an old train station. The neighborhood is being gentrified, and the Terminal is going to be left in the dust if Laurel doesn’t come up with a way to attract attention.

When she decides to spice things up by adding food specials that focus on world cuisine, Laurel hits pay dirt. Too bad murder and a good meal don’t mix, no matter what kind of ethnic food is being served.

Button Box Mysteries

Welcome to the Button Box, Chicago's premier shop for antique, vintage, and collectible buttons. Got questions or need advice? Owner Josie Giancola is one of the country's leading experts. She'll help you find just the right buttons for your collection, your scrapbooking or your craft projects. And if murder rears its ugly head? Turns out Josie is a darned good detective, too!

Whether it's button history, button lore, or button legend, Josie knows her stuff. Along with a supporting cast of characters that includes Chicago Detective Nevin Riley, retired cop Stan Marzcak and Josie's no-good, lying ex Kaz, she'll get to the bottom of every mystery.